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The settings page contains a few different widgets to control the application.

Settings Page

Frontend & Backend Status

These widgets show some basic information about the application's current state.

Change Password

This widge allows changing of the password to login. Multiple users are not currently supported.

App Updates

By default, the application checks a remote json file to find the current version available. This widget will notify of any updates that are available.

There is no auto-update function built into the web UI.

Backup and Restore

This widge links to the backup and restore page. The application by default automatically backs up locally on a weekly basis. You can download backups on this page or create a new backup.

Existing backups can also be deleted.

Restore functionality is not yet implemented.

Shutdown Cert Warden

This widget allows for programatic triggering of a shutdown or restart of the application.

Depending on how the application is run (e.g. as a service), the shutdown command may still lead to a restart via a mechanism outside of the control of the application.