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Private Keys

The Private Keys section provides management of keys.

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The initial page for Private Keys is a list of all of the keys on the server.

Private Keys Page

New Key

New key is used to generate or import a key.

ECDSA keys are generally preferred, unless they're not supported.

Disable API Key makes the key inaccessible via client API Calls, even when the client posseses the correct API Key.

New Key Page

Edit Key

The edit page provides the ability to update key properties, but you cannot change the actual key. If you want a different key, you should delete the existing key and create or import a new one.

This page is also used to rotate API Keys using the New API Key and Retire Old API Key buttons. Manual editing of the API Key is also supported but not recommended. Using the rotation buttons ensures a cryptographically secure value is generated.

Allow API Key via URL (for Legacy Clients) permits the specification of the API Key in the URL of the API call. This is only for clients that do not support setting the API Key in a header (which is the 'proper' way to authenticate). This method is discouraged unless absolutely necessary as it is generally easier to leak the API key by mistake.

Edit Key Page