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This project came out of my desire to resolve certificate errors within web services in my home lab without having to set up an ACME client on every endpoint. After fighting with other solutions and wanting to learn Golang, I decided to create my own solution.

Cert Warden is composed of two components. A Golang backend REST API and a React frontend. These two pieces are hosted together on the Cert Warden server and support is not provided for running them separately (though it is possible and reasonable to do so).

Generally you set up the certificates you want on Cert Warden once and Cert Warden will automatically renew them on a regular basis. Clients that use the certificates fetch them from Cert Warden using a GET api call with an API key. This eliminates the intricacies of RFC 8555 for all of the certificate clients and replaces it with one standard secured GET call.

Functional Diagram

Cert Warden Diagram